15kw in a box
Operates 24.7.365

The simple solution is to install a 15,000 watt PAAR Energy System or one of the other available size systems.

The power will be generated from within the insulated enclosure to your home directly by providing power into the residential breaker box.

The unit produces very little heat or noise. It also produces very little vibrations, no fumes, harmful odors or gases.

The PAAR Energy Systems does not require fossil fuels, hydrogen, solar or wind. It is a self-contained, self generating energy production system.

The power units can be connected in several methods, either; off-grid or net-metering. It is recommended that you get a licensed electrician to insure proper connection as per your local electrical and life-safety codes.

The 15kw unit is approximately 4' Long x 4' Wide x 3' High.

Total weight is approximately 350 Lbs.

Smaller units will be available in the future for other applications and uses, such as:

1. Campers or camping sites power

2. Tiny home setup

3. Emergency power

Our PAAR Energy systems comes in 4 main sizes;

1. 15 kw (60hz and 50hz)

2. 50 kw (60hz and 50hz)

3. 80 kw (60hz only)

4. 300 kw (60hz only)

We are currently working on a 20,000 watt unit for larger residential applications and some light commercial and industrial purposes.

On a case by case basis and for an additional upcharge, we can provide 3 phase power for the commercial and industrial applications.

In the USA, in almost all residential installation, the units will be configured as follows;

1. 60hz

2. 120/240

3. single phase

4. pure sine-wave power

Upon request and for additional upcharge, outside of the USA, system configurations

can include;

1. 50hz

2. 220 to 230

3. 3 phase

All units may be configured with redundant power generation.

Installation of the PAAR Energy Systems is a simple matter.

The units will come self-contained already pre-configured to your specific application.

There is a On/Off switch on one side and a cable harness on the opposite side.

With the system located in its final destination and secured appropriately and the switch on the Off position you can commence to connect to your homes breaker box or to the local grid according to all local codes.

If a permit and inspections are required in your local area, please make arrangements according to local codes.

Be sure to always use a licensed qualified electrician to do the installation.

The PAAR Energy Systems will be made available through a network of approved and  licensed distributors in several regions worldwide.

These distributors will have a network of technicians that will service any problem the units may encounter. Most service calls will be made within 24 hrs of the reported problem and in most cases the actual repair can be accomplished in 2 hrs or less.

The units will carry a standard Warranty of 24 months but a purchased extended warranty is available up to 10 years after initial warranty expires.

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We apologize to all but the worldwide Covid-19 Pandemic has delayed a great many things regarding our units; from further discussions and roll-outs to manufacturing.

We at PAAR Consulting hope that things accelerate and we are able to engage with each and everyone of you SOON.

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