PAAR Consulting, LLC 

PAAR Consulting, LLC has been in the making for over 20 years.

Our main focus has been in sustainable design and sustainable energy production. Whether our leaders choose to recognize it or not, the world is in a environmental crisis and it's up to us to solve.

There are a great many solutions deployed in today's alternate energy production market. Most, indeed, contribute with the aim of removing fossil fuel as the major source of harm and pollution to our planet.

The alternate energy market is currently supported by many types of energy production systems, for example; solar, wind, bio-fuel, hydro-electric, wave power generators and even magnets are being employed in the endless battle against big oil companies and pollution.

However, not all energy production systems are affordable by all.

PAAR Consulting, LLC is proud to introduce The PAAR Energy Systems.

In order to make a fair comparison of costs between The PAAR Energy Systems and other alternate energy systems, two very important things must be kept in mind;

1. all other systems must be calculated to operate 24/7/365.

2. the systems must be able to produce 15,00 watts of pure clean sine-wave power off-grid or net-metering in both 60hz or 50hz.


Bradenton, Florida 34203


No calls please/emails only.

We apologize to all but the worldwide Covid-19 Pandemic has delayed a great many things regarding our units; from further discussions and roll-outs to manufacturing.

We at PAAR Consulting hope that things accelerate and we are able to engage with each and everyone of you SOON.

Many Thanks!

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